Ikea buys back old furniture

Ikea buys back old furniture

Ikea will soon launch a remarkable international campaign called 'BuyBackFriday'. It gives customers the opportunity to exchange their old Ikea furniture for vouchers. Critics see it as a publicity stunt.


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If you are tired of your old Ikea furniture, you will soon be able to bring it back to the furniture giant. After a thorough check, they will buy them back at a maximum of half of the purchase price via vouchers, on condition that the returned furniture is complete and in good condition. The BuyBackFriday campaign will be launched in 27 countries. According to the home furnishing chain, the campaign fits in with the ambition to become fully circular and climate positive by 2030.

However, quite a few observers are questioning the campaign and see it as a PR stunt in the first place. The start of the campaign, for example, is perhaps not coincidental in the week of Black Friday, The vague plans that Ikea has for the trade-in service after the end of the campaign also cause doubt. "We are currently exploring new business models to develop a commercially viable and scalable offering," explains Stefan Vanoverbeke, Deputy Retail Operations Manager in a press release.

Not everyone wants to burn down the campaign immediately. In newspaper De Standaard, sustainability expert Kris Bachus gives Ikea the benefit of the doubt. "Any initiative that encourages reuse is welcome, especially from a global player like Ikea. If only because it will at least help to raise awareness of the circular economy among the general public". However, he also believes that the scale on which the repurchase service will eventually be rolled out internationally is the most important thing.