Lidl stops selling wine online

Lidl is reducing its online product range. In at least two countries, the German discounter is closing its online wine shop. The chain thinks delivery costs for wine are too high, compared to the income it generates.


Focus on non-food

In Belgium, Lidl's web shop has big signs with a final discount on wines that are valid until this Sunday, 26 May. At the moment, only 64 wines remain. has been selling wine since 2016, but will now refocus to non-food. "We have to admit that the delivery costs are too high compared to the orders", spokesperson Isabelle Colbrandt says. "Therefore we place our focus online on non-food." However, customers living in Ghent can still order wine online through the separate trial program Lidl Simpl, which delivers straight from the stores into peoples' home.


In the Netherlands, the online sale of wine has already ended. The German webshop meanwhile, makes no mention that sales would be about to be halted. It has to be added that on its home market, Lidl offers a much wider range of hundreds of wines.