Lidl disses Aldi & co in advertising battle

Image: Lidl Deutschland

In Germany, Lidl is attacking its closest competitors in a remarkable advertising campaign. But Netto and Edeka, among others, have their answers ready…



With slogans like (freely translated) "ALDI others are more expensive", "Prices far from NORMAlity" and "More expensive would be EDEKAdent" Lidl aims for direct provocation in its home market. The puns appear on posters in the big cities and also in a somewhat awkward looking video on the Facebook page of the discounter. The campaign, which was conceived by agency M&C Saatchi, creates a lot of hilarity, both in traditional media and on social networks. Although comparative advertising is permitted in Germany, it is extremely rare for advertisers to name and shame their direct competitors.

In any case, Edeka has already formulated an answer on Instagram and Facebook: a mocking video with the eccentric actor and electro-musician Friedrich Liechtenstein (who has popped up in the supermarket chain’s campaigns before) states “Ihr sagt EDEKAdent. Wir sagen EDEKAdanke.” And price fighter Netto came up with the advertising slogan "Du willst a LIDL bit more Auswahl? Dann geh doch zu Netto!" - Do you want a little more choice? Then come to Netto! We still have to wait for an answer from Aldi