Lidl accelerates roll-out of payment app

Lidl accelerates roll-out of payment app

After a few months of testing in Spain, discounter Lidl is going to roll out its own payment service, Lidl Pay, to at least two other countries.


Also in other countries

The pilot project was launched at the beginning of July and according to TwinkleMagazine, the service is now available in all of the discounter's Spanish stores. Moreover, the company is said to have already taken concrete steps to launch the app in Denmark and Austria, followed by Germany.


The roll-out of the new payment system has everything to do with its success in Spain: according to digital marketing director Tony Alarcón, 70,000 payments have already been made with the app.


The payment service is integrated into the Lidl Plus app, a virtual loyalty card that allows customers to receive discounts and offers. The app works with QR codes and was launched in the Netherlands just last week (for the time being, without the payment service).