Jumbo to offer mixed Belgian-Dutch product range

Foto Jumbo

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo will adapt its product range for the Belgian market, but also plans to bring Belgian products to the Netherlands. Both countries should profit from our expansion into Belgium, says CEO Frits Van Eerd.


Cross-pollination to benefit Belgian and Dutch stores

Jumbo will add a specific product range for the Belgian market once the chain's expansion to Belgium gets the go-ahead later this year: Van Eerd explains on Dutch website Distrifood that he thinks just offering a Dutch product range in Belgium would be a big mistake. With a well-balanced mixture that can be a success in Belgium, but also by adding Belgian products to its Dutch product range, Van Eerd hopes to create "a cross-pollination that also benefits Dutch Jumbo outlets".


The fact that Dutch rival Albert Heijn has just announced ambitious plans in Belgium does not worry the retailer: being true to the company's own philosophy will be worth more to the Belgian consumer, Van Eerd thinks.


Jumbo announced its expansion plans towards Belgium in 2017, but has remained largely silent ever since. The chain has stated that it wanted to open dozens of stores in Belgium, but revealed later that probably only three will open in 2019 and that it would aim to bring it large Foodmarkt stores to its new market. Analysts expect a huge price war between Jumbo and Colruyt, as both chains have a famous lowest price guarantee.