Darty launches repair subscription

Darty launches repair subscription

As consumers become increasingly sensitive to waste, the French electrical chain Darty has started a repair service for large household appliances. During the entire period in which spare parts are available, the device will be repaired 'free of charge'.


At least seven years

The new service was named Darty Max and is actually a maintenance contract for large household appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines. For a monthly fee of 9.99 euros, the device will be repaired free of charge in the event of a malfunction, for as long as spare parts are available. Currently, this period is at least seven years.


Consumers can even make use of the new service for appliances that were not purchased from Darty, if they pay a registration fee of 59 euros. When a repair fails, the customer receives a purchase receipt from the chain. This compensation only applies to devices purchased from Darty.


"We also continue to offer the classic warranty extension because some customers are very attached to it", Sustainable x Digital Leader Régis Koenig told La Croix. "But Darty MAX is ultimately more interesting. According to our service department, the average service life of a large appliance is about eight years."


Darty says that the composition of the range increasingly takes into account durability and the extent to which appliances can be repaired. With the new repair subscription, the electrical chain also hopes to increase customer loyalty.