Zalando buys 3D body scan technology

Fision scanning technology on smartphone
Photo: Zalando

Zalando acquires a Swiss developer of mobile body scanning technology. The startup, Fision from Zurich, should allow both shoppers and brands to determine clothing sizes more precisely and reduce the number of returns.


Virtual fitting room

Retail giant Zalando wants to solve the "most important challenge of the fashion industry" with the acquisition of the Swiss startup Fision: finding the right sizes and fits. Fision is the creator of a 3D body scan app and virtual fitting room, which allows consumers to see how a garment would fit their body.

Thanks to computer vision, artificial intelligence and data analysis, the Swiss company generates virtual 3D body scans and clothing models. The intention is now to integrate this technology into the Zalando platform as well: customers will soon be able to use the software to scan their body measurements and thus receive more precise advice on which clothing sizes will fit them.


Technology hub in Zurich

This in turn, would enable brands for the first time to gain insight into how well their assortment meets the size and fit needs of a target group, enabling them to produce better fitting garments in the long term. Today, Zalando already uses customers' purchase and return history to give them sizing advice - for at least 50% of all orders.

The takeover also marks the start of a true technology hub in Zurich: according to Zalando, the city is one of the largest technology hotspots in Europe and the Berlin-based company wants to attract even more talent there. In the long term, the online retailer is counting on more than 150 employees on site. "We are constantly looking for new teams and technologies," says Jim Freeman, Zalando's Chief Technology Officer: "We will continue to invest in strengthening Zalando's technology capabilities.”