Colruyt gets rid of paper price tags

Colruyt gets rid of paper price tags
Photo Colruyt Group

Colruyt will start using electronic price tags in all of its stores. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they also help save on expenses.


Cutting costs

By the end of the year, all Colruyt outlets will make use of electronic tags. That should save on 90 tons of paper and it also makes it easy to adjust prices remotely. Employees will no longer have to waste time on the replacement of tags.

Electronic price tags are hardly a novelty, but Colruyt has consciously waited long before switching over to this technology. "We passed on the first two generations of such tags because the technology wasn't quite ready yet. They were colourless, with small displays. We waited until there were more possibilities," says sales manager Christophe Dehandschutter.

In time, the e-tag will also be able to help us find a specific product, for example by sending an alert on your smartphone. This is possible because these tags have NFC (Near Field Communication), tech that allows two nearby devices to exchange information. "It will also save time for our people in Collect & Go," Dehandschutter continues. "If we can process a customer's grocery list efficiently by lighting up the tags of the needed products, it will a make collecting those groceries go much faster."