Picnic to launch in Lille next week


After a successful trial in Valenciennes (Northern France), Dutch online supermarket Picnic will expand its activities into neighbouring Lille on 13 October.


2000 customers

In May, the Dutch company launched in France, more specifically in Valenciennes. From there, it wants to gradually expand into the rest of France. According to Linéaires, the online supermarket has 2,000 customers in France already.


The company thinks the time is ripe to move into the next city: on Wednesday, Picnic will start delivering groceries in Lille, initially only in the city's centre and the southern and eastern region - a region of about 320,000 families. Over the course of November, the e-tailer wants to expand to the rest of the city as well.


Picnic is already active in the Netherlands and Germany and expects to reach a turnover of one billion euros this year. The company has raised 600 million euros in new capital to accelerate its development.