Carrefour opens ‘Act for Food’ pop-up

Foto's Carrefour / Act for Food Factory

In Brussels, Carrefour Belgium has launched a remarkable pop-up concept: its Act for Food Factory is a test lab where the retailer's recent food commitments of the same name take concrete shape.


Focus on bio

In the Act for Food Factory in Ixelles, consumers can come for breakfast or lunch. The changing menu includes soups, quiches and other lunch dishes; the focus is on organic, sustainable and local food. Customers can buy the products of the Carrefour Bio brand, but also fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, herbs, meats and cheeses. The concrete commitments of the 'Act for Food' programme in Belgium are written on the walls.


The pop-up is an initiative by innovation director Arnaud Lesnes. It is a short-term project, in a building that will soon be demolished. "An opportunity", spokesman Baptiste Van Outryve calls it. The retailer did not officially announce the opening: "We gave little publicity to the initiative, we especially want to look at the reactions of the visitors without creating too much of a buzz."


The Act for Food Factory is open every day except Monday and may remain open until the end of the year, bhoweverut the actual closing date will depend on the timing of the project developer.