Carrefour Belgium starts lowest price guarantee

Organic fresh produce in a Carrefour store
Foto: Sorbis /

Carrefour Belgium has introduced a lowest price guarantee on organic products on its private label: a first visible result of the application of its new Act For Food programme to Belgium. The goal: letting Belgians eat better again.


"Change is obligatory"

The French chain's international Act For Food programme comes to Belgium barely a week after it was divulged and takes the shape of fourteen promises. In general, Carrefour wants to become "the most important partner in the food transition process", which it believes to be "the most important challenge of the 21st century". We all need to eat in a more sustainable manner, the retailer says, because "we will have 9.5 billion mouths to feed by 2050, so natural sources will be ever more depleted and food waste will rise as well." 


In Belgium, the first of the fourteen promises will be a lowest price guarantee on organic food - but only (and not coincidentally) for its private label Carrefour BIO. Should customers find comparable organic products at a lower price elsewhere, Carrefour promises to compensate the difference. Carrefour BIO currently features a range of 1500 products and should become even bigger in the near future. 


The French chain announced it will start Act For Food campaigns in all of its ten markets (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Taiwan). Today, four localised websites have already been put into use: Belgium, France, Poland and Spain.