Amazon undisputed ruler of French online world

Amazon undisputed ruler of French online world

Amazon undisputed ruler of French online world

Amazon is the undisputed leader of the French online world thanks to a 5.6 billion euro turnover and a 19 % market share. According to Kantar Worldpanel, the overall online market in France was worth 30 billion euro in 2017.


Largest in fashion …

The 5.6 billion euro turnover is 22 % more than the year before and Amazon also manages a growth pace twice as fast as the overall French online market (at 11 %). Thanks to about 19 million online French shoppers that bought something at Amazon at least once last year, the company grew another million compared to 2016. Amazon’s 18.9 % market share is both for its own sales (10.8 %) and third party sales on its platform (8.1 %).


Amazon is not only growing twice as fast as the overall online market in France, it also has a comfortable lead on its competitors. Groupe Casino’s online branch, Cdiscount, is second with an 8.2 % market share. VentePrivée is third, followed by Showroomprivé, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, La Redoute, Zooplus and eBay.


Remarkable: Zalando is nowhere to be seen in the top 10. The Germans landed on the eleventh spot and are not able to fight off Amazon (yet). Looking at the fashion industry, Amazon is France’s most popular web shop with an estimate 10 million orders.


…but trumped in food

The American company still lags behind in one area: food and grocery sales. E.Leclerc is seven times larger than Amazon in this regard for instance. French consumers still prefer to shop in Drive pick-up locations from familiar companies like E.Leclerc, CarrefourCasino en dergelijke.


That does not mean the Americans are just going to sit idly by: its recent deal with Monoprix shows its intentions.

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