Zara incorporates Zara Home

Foto: InnaFelker /

Zara Home will become just another part of Zara, like the children's or men's clothing. The new, larger Zara stores will also get a Home collection corner, but the separate division - which has existed since 2003 - will be absorbed into the larger Zara brand.


Fourth pillar

"The long-term goal is to consider Zara Home as a fourth section of Zara", Inditex chairman Pablo Isla announced as he also revealed his company's 2018 full year results. The "increasing synergies" between both chains will lead to Zara Home being progressively incorporated in the whole Zara brand, much like Zara Kids is both a brand with 128 stores worldwide, as well as 'just' a corner in larger Zara stores such as those in London, Madrid and Saint Petersburg.


Moreover, the company has announced to gradually include Home products on the main Zara web site starting from the autumn/winter collection 2019/2020. This would make Zara Home available in more markets, enabling Inditex to test the water for the Home collection in new countries.


Inditex' decision is reminiscent of rival H&M's plans to add more Home items to its collection, including furniture, while other chains like Primark and Urban Outfitters are also increasing their store surface dedicated to home decoration.