Ikea releases audio-book version of catalogue on Spotify

Foto: Ikea Nederland

Ikea has turned its latest catalogue into an audio-book and put it on Spotify. The goal of that campaign is to draw attention to the digital version of the catalogue.


"Including all the Swedish names"

The audio version of the catalogue is available on Spotify or its website (or below this article). "The audio-book is just the catalogue being read aloud from start to end, including all the Swedish names. Customers who are curious to see the corresponding pictures as well, can view the digital catalogue itself", a press release on the Dutch Ikea website says.


With this stunt, the furniture chain wants to attract attention to its digital catalogue, as the Swedes want to limit the number of printed copies. Only a small number of catalogues will still be available in the stores. The step is no surprise, Ikea says, as most of its customers already look online before going to the store.


Other advantages of a digital catalogue are obvious as well, ikea.nl says: this way new content and new products can be added or adapted more easily.