World's biggest Starbucks serves cocktail and pizza

Starbucks opent een Reserve Roastery in de straat Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

The world's biggest Starbucks, spanning 4,000 sqm on four floors and featuring its own cocktail bar and a pizza restaurant, is to open in Chicago. It is one of the chain's new flagships under the ‘Reserve Roastery’ banner.


Luxurious image

The coffee chain wants to restore its luxurious image by opening ‘Starbucks Reserve Roastery’ stores on strategic locations. These offer coffees that are roasted on the spot and make the stores into experience centres. In two months' time, Chicago will get the sixth such store (after Milan, New York, Seattle, Shanghai and Tokyo) in a former factory that offers a unique view over the Windy City. The store will employ 200 people.


Part of the offered experience will be a cocktail bar and a fully equipped kitchen that can serve bread, desserts, pizza and salads made by local Italian bakery Pinci. This way, the store should become the centre of the neighbourhood's entertainment and experience, Insider reports. Each 'Roastery' will offer a limited edition range of drinks that are available only in that store: for Chicago, that will be a number of teas and specially developed cocktails.