Will veggie champion Vivera soon be sold?


Vivera, the Dutch producer of meat substitutes, could go into the hands of a new owner. Negotiations are said to be already underway.


Number three in Europe

Dutch newspaper FD was the first to report on the news about the upcoming sale of Vivera. According to the business journal, the producer of meat alternatives is on the market for "hundreds of millions of euros". The sales process is said to be in a well-advanced stage, but it is unclear who the interested party is.


Vivera has been producing meat substitutes since 1990. In the market, it ranks third in Europe after the British Quorn and food giant Nestlé. Initially, Vivera was part of meat processor Encko, but two years ago, the company decided to continue independently and focus exclusively on plant-based products.


In recent years, the Dutch company has consistently grown by 25 to 30 per cent. Last year, the turnover was 85 million euros. In a previous interview with Business Insider, Managing Director Willem van Weede said he wanted to triple turnover by 2025. A capital-rich partner could contribute to realising that ambition.