Strike may cause Nutella shortage

Foto: SSokolov /

A week-long strike in the world's biggest Nutella factory has closed all but one production line, meaning the supply of the chocolate paste is threatened. Since the end of May, workers block the ways in and out of the factory in Villers-Écalles, where a quarter of the world's Nutella production takes place.


One production line left

On 27 May already, a strike started in the Northern French Ferrero plant, demanding a pay rise of 4.5 % - more than eleven times what the company is prepared to offer. British newspaper The Guardian reports that not a single truck has been able to enter or exit since then, meaning stocks of ingredients are running out.


Despite the fact that the majority of the 400 workers is not striking, three out of four Nutella production lines have already been shut down and all of the Kinder Bueno production has fallen silent for over a week. Management is not too pleased with the union's action and has demanded a hefty fine of 1,000 euros per hour per person from whoever is keeping the gates closed.