"Picnic moves into France in 2021"


Online supermarket Picnic is due to launch in France this year. The region around Lille, in the north of the country, would be the first to be targeted.


French subsidiary

There have been persistent rumours for some time that the Dutch web supermarket Picnic would move into France after Germany. After all, the retailer is looking for French-speaking employees for its head office. Moreover, under the name Picnic SAS, a French subsidiary has already been set up. LebensMittelZeitung now also confirms the plans.


Starting point of the French expansion will be the region around Lille, near the Belgian border. For purchasing, the company would call on Everest, the purchasing company it set up together with the German retailer Edeka.


In the past, the United Kingdom was also put forward as an expansion option, but due to Brexit, enthusiasm for this has reportedly cooled considerably. The web supermarket would now like to concentrate first and foremost on countries within the European Union.