Lidl will soon start selling BMW's

Lidl will soon start selling BMW's

German discount chain Lidl will soon sell BMW cars. It has signed a deal with the German car manufacturers to ship company cars.

10,000 cars per year

Lidl’s company cars are currently all from Audi, but the German competitor has now stolen away that contract. Lidl would get a 48 to 50 % discount on the catalog pricing, where Audi was only willing to give 42 %.


More remarkable is that those company cars will then be sold through Lidl. Several locations across Germany will start selling those cars after six months, but it is not clear which pricing Lidl will use. BMW will ship 10,000 cars per year in any case.


American Walmart has also ventured into the car market recently, having signed a deal with online car market place CarSaver, which will get a booth in 250 stores. Customers can then request information about CarSaver’s product range there. The cars are not available at Walmart, but through a dealership.