Kraft Heinz to deliver meals all over Europe

After a successful trial in the Netherlands, food giant Kraft Heinz will deliver fresh ready meals from its own brand Honig to homes across Europe.


Benelux as a trial area

The trial of Kraft Heinz in the Netherlands took place during the first corona wave, reports Dutch newspaper FD. It was such a success that the American food giant will start rolling out Honig's home delivery of fresh ready meals in other European countries. It will happen step by step, beginning with major cities in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Assumably, Kraft Heinz will again count on the services of caterer Compass Group for this roll-out.


The expansion of Honig, according to the managing director of the Benelux, Bob Rog, is an example of the American group's new global growth strategy. Rog calls the Benelux a real test area to explore growth opportunities for the company. "If product innovations succeed there, we will roll them out internationally", concludes Rog.


Kraft Heinz is firmly anchored in the Netherlands. The food giant's European ketchup factory is located in the city of Elst and the sandwich filling and syrup factory in Utrecht. The international research department, employing 146 people, is situated in Nijmegen and a global centre of excellence, which employs another 548 people, is located in Amsterdam.