HelloFresh now also available in supermarkets

HelloFresh now also available in supermarkets

HelloFresh meal boxes were only available online, with several pop-up store exceptions, but now the company entered an agreement with supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. Soon, its meal boxes will be sold in Sainsbury’s’ entire store network.

New market

This past week, 2-person meal boxes were sold across twenty Sainsbury’s stores in London and the southeast, for 10 pounds. Later, these will be available in any of the chain’s stores, even though no date was revealed just yet. There will be five recipes in the supermarket, refreshed every six weeks in order to present plenty of variety.


HelloFresh decided to create a new store formula after a thorough survey among customers, who indicated they would like to get the HelloFresh recipes in stores. The company hopes this will also attract a new type of audience, people that do not plan their meals beforehand.


Waitrose and Tesco already experimented with their own meal box service, but the former halted the experiment after customers indicated it did not suffice. Tesco did not reveal its intentions yet, but did mention its pilot program proved satisfactory. Looking at the Benelux area, Albert Heijn, Carrefour, Delhaize and Colruyt already launched or announced the launch of meal boxes.