Heineken will sell Mort Subite internationally

Heineken will sell Mort Subite internationally

Heineken will try to sell its Belgian beer brand Mort Subite all across the world. It has done similarly with Affligem and that proved to be a major success. Mort Subite will be on sale in every country that has Heineken.

Double sales by 2022

Mort Subite is already available in twelve countries, but its reach will be extended in the next few years. “Up until now, we personally praised Mort Subite in other European countries, but now we will have Heineken’s support and its solid logistical network”, Alken-Maes marketing director, Jan Bosselaers, told De Tijd. Alken-Maes owns the Mort Subite brand and is a part of Heineken itself.


Mort Subite’s promotion to an international Heineken brand is the result of how well the brewery’s beers are already performing abroad. “Last year, we achieved a double-digit growth”, Bosselaers said. “Consider the Netherlands: we sold an additional 30 % when it comes to hectoliters.” The brand has lofty ambitions because Mort Subite’s sales have to double by 2022.


Heineken hopes Mort Subite can replicate Affligem’s success. It distributes the latter since 2014 and it has become one of Heineken’s most rapidly-growing brands. “Sales have grown more than ten percent every year and it continues to sell more in France, the Netherlands, Italy and Russia in particular”, Bosselaers said.