Greenyard and Delhaize start collaboration

Greenyard and Delhaize start collaboration

Fruit and veg producer Greenyard and supermarket chain Delhaize have started their collaboration that was announced last year. Greenyard will soon be delivering 80 % of all fruit at the supermarket chain.


Starting up

The deal was already announced in May 2019, but is started up only now. Greenyard has started renting a new distribution centre especially for the collaboration, employing ninety people at the spot. The project has to ensure a rise in efficiency and should allow vegetables and fruit to arrive in the supermarkets fresher.


Delhaize hopes to raise efficiency as the collaboration should allow it to make more accurate predictions on the demand for fruit and vegetables in stores. The predictions are currently based on past results, but the chain hopes that Greenyard's know-how and data will improve the predictions, raise product availability and lower costs.


Greenyard on the other hand counts on more stable revenues through the collaboration. Other supermarket chains, like Albert Heijn, Carrefour, Rewe and Tesco, already have signed similar deals with the Belgian company.