Galler restarts production after floods destroy factory

Belgian chocolate producer Galler is going to fully rebuild its factory in Vaux-sous-Chèvremont (near Liège), which was destroyed in July's floods. Meanwhile, production has temporarily restarted in other locations.


12 million euros in damages

Galler was hit hard by the floods that wreaked havoc in Belgium and Germany: its factory is located on the banks of the river Vesdre, and was completely destroyed - together with its supplies and raw materials. The chocolate producer estimates the total damages to be some twelve million euros. CEO Salvatore Ianello was able to collect that amount from insurance companies, banks, government grants and existing shareholders. If the works can continue according to plan, Galler will be able to return to Vaux-sous-Chèvremont next summer.


Meanwhile, the company was able to restart its production in three different locations: Andenne (near Namur), Chiny (Luxembourg) and Eeklo (near Ghent). Galler staff is working part-time in these temporary locations to make sure Galler's quality standards are uphold. "We are operational again", Ianello told Belgian newspaper De Tijd. "We want to reduce the shortages in some products that started to become apparent last month."