Flash delivery company Gorillas purchases at Colruyt


Flash delivery service Gorillas, which has recently expanded to the Belgian cities of Antwerp and Brussels, purchases at least some of its stock at Colruyt. The Gorillas app shows quite some products of Colruyt's private label Boni, sometimes at surprising price levels.


Fresh and frozen

For its rather limited range of 1500 products, Gorillas mostly chooses premium brands and local small suppliers. However, in a number of categories like frozen foods and fresh salads, the app offers several products of the Boni Selection range. Which is not completely surprising, as there are not too many premium brands active in these categories. In purchasing its cheeses and meat products at Colruyt, Gorillas rather imitates a lot of night shops and convenience stores - a kind of stores it partly tries to supplant.


The price level of most of the Boni products is also rather surprising: it does not seem like Gorillas is shopping for cheap products in order to generate huge margins. The app is often - and understandably - a tad more expensive than Colruyt, but clearly its buyers know how to make use of promotions at Colruyt. It all seems like Gorillas is also trying to use a sharp pricing strategy - as was already indicated by its delivery cost of 1.8 euros.


Below, we have compared today's prices of Gorillas' Antwerp app with a local Colruyt store. Disclaimer: these are obviously very incomplete and possibly already outdated as Colruyt very frequently adapts its prices to its competitors', but we hope this may be an interesting read anyway.


Boni Product  Colruyt store (Antwerp Gentplaats) Gorillas (Antwerp)
1 kg frozen raspberries 3.98 4.89
400 g spinach (fresh) 1.59 1.95
400 g dried dates 3.50 2.59
2 white baguettes (250 g) 0.74 0.99
1 kg organic spelt flour 3.29 2.99
6 free-range eggs 1.59 1.59
150 g soft goat cheese 1.49 1.49
150 g Meesterlyck ham 3.19 2.99
250 g organic tofu 0.99 1.49
450 g Caesar salad 3,69 3.69
200 g Greek Kalamata olives 3.79 3.29


(Our gratitude goes out to Jérémy Lempereur of Trends-Tendances for pointing us to this story)