First product with Eco-Score on packaging hits Colruyt shelves

Colruyt Group

The first product with the Eco-Score on its packaging has recently hit the shelves at Colruyt. In the short term, about 35 other products of private label Boni Selection will receive the score.


Environmental impact

In March this year, Colruyt Group was the first Belgian retailer to launch the Eco-Score. This label gives a simple indication of the ecological impact of a product by means of a colour and letter combination. Via the SmartWithFood app or the Xtra app, customers can consult the score of some 3,000 own-brand Colruyt products.


The first product with the Eco-Score on its packaging has just hit the shelves. It concerns two variants of Boni mayonnaise. In the coming weeks, the retailer wants to add the Eco-Score to various other private label products, about 35 in total, including milk and honey.


"While the quick online scan is very relevant in the start-up phase, we think it is very important to focus on the representation on the packaging itself. After all, a shopper only takes a few seconds in the store to decide whether to put a product in the shopping basket or not. And then it is handy to see at a glance which labels are on the packaging", says Stefan Goethaert, responsible for the project at Colruyt Group.