Deliveroo Belgium grows fast, aims for profit

Deliveroo wil op korte termijn winstgevend zijn in heel België

Meal box delivery company Deliveroo has seen its Belgian turnover go up 16 % last year, to 16.8 million euros, and hopes to reach profitability in the next few years.


Choosing Belgium over Germany

That turnover growth comes courtesy of major investments of some six million euros, meaning Deliveroo Belgium was able to expand into three more cities (Charleroi, Hasselt and Kortrijk). Last year saw a total expansion with a thousand new restaurants across the Kingdom. According to local newspaper Le Soir, the London-based company will continue to invest in its Belgian branch: spokesperson Rodolphe Van Nuffel says investment targets will be further expansion and new technologies.


Thus far, Deliveroo is still suffering losses in Belgium: only on the British and French markets the company is already profitable. Some major cities already have profitable operations, but the company's aim is to lift profits above zero throughout the country in the next few years. To make room for the necessary investments, Deliveroo quit Germany as it was unable to earn a decent market share.