Delhaize launches meal delivery service

Tastyoo cloud kitchen in Uccle
Photo: Delhaize

Delhaize launches a delivery service for freshly prepared dishes in collaboration with Tastyoo, a food technology start-up in which the supermarket chain is already the main shareholder. Colruyt Group has already launched a similar service, Rose Mary.


Preference for fresh

With the meal delivery service, Delhaize aims to respond to new food expectations and needs. These have radically changed in part as a result of the conona pandemic. Consumers are increasingly opting for pure and fresh products and dishes, and are increasingly having them delivered to their homes. The extension of the collaboration with Tastyoo fits in perfectly with this context.

The meals are prepared by Tastyoo chefs in a central kitchen in Uccle. The dishes vary every week, and also depend on the season. They cost less than 10 euros and are delivered within 30 minutes. The delivery service is already active in Ixelles, Uccle, Brussels-City, Etterbeek and Saint-Gilles and is free of charge. In time, the start-up intends to expand its operations to other major cities with new dark kitchens.


App on the way

Orders are currently placed via the Tastyoo website. An app is in full development and will be available early next month. Part of the Tastyoo range is also located in some Delhaize supermarkets or affiliated Delhaize shops in Walloon Brabant and the south of Brussels.

Previously, rival Colruyt launched a very similar initiative called Rose Mary. For that meal service, a chef makes seven different fresh dishes every day in 'cloud kitchen', located at the Colruyt Group Academy in Uccle. Since the beginning of October, these meals are being delivered throughout Brussels.