Delhaize Fresh Atelier introduces registerless payment by smartphone

Delhaize Fresh Atelier
Photo: Ahold Delhaize

Delhaize Fresh Atelier, the newest convenience store concept by Delhaize, will allow customers to scan their purchases and pay with their phones without passing by a register. The option is already available in the store in Galerij Ravenstein in Brussels.


App with NFC and barcode scanner

Delhaize is launching YesWeScan, its first mobile self-scan and payment app which will allow customers to check out without passing by a register. The innovation will be launched in the Fresh Atelier formula, a convenience store concept centred on quick but nevertheless fresh food on the go. Fresh Atelier itself was rolled out in 2018. The smartphone payment try-out started on April 3rd in the Galerij Ravenstein store in the heart of Brussels.

Customers install the YesWeScan app on their smartphones and then create account. That will allow them to identify themselves as they enter the store (by scanning a QR code at the entrance). Then they can scan the barcodes of the items they put in their shopping cart. Another possibility is scanning the price tags using NFC technology. In that case, it suffices to hold the smartphone to the price tag to add it to the digital shopping cart.


Instant retail for peak moments

Payment is done by smartphone through the Payconiq/Bancontact app, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Afterwards, customers are shown a digital ticket in the app, which includes a barcode they can use to leave the store. Users receive their receipts afterwards by e-mail.

In the initial phase, Delhaize wants to offer the application in the Fresh Atelier stores, but a future expansion is possible. "The YesWeScan application was inspired by the idea that customers can quickly make a purchase during peak moments and avoid queues at the Quickscan registers. It's part of the 'instant retail' concept, where on the go, physical and digital shopping are combined," Delhaize explains.