Continente opens till-less store in Lisbon


Under the name Continente Labs, the Portuguese retailer Continente has opened its first till-less supermarket. In terms of set-up and concept, it is very reminiscent of Amazon Go.


Everything via the app

The newly opened automated store is located in the centre of Lisbon (Rua D. Filipa de Vilhena) and has a retail area of about 150 sq m, writes MNA. The supermarket is equipped with 230 cameras and more than 400 shelf sensors, which can meticulously record what customers take off the shelves or put back. The system can even detect when customers leave products in the wrong place. "We are the first European brand to open a store without cash registers," says Frederico Santos, director of innovation and digital transformation.


Those who wish to make purchases in the new store must download the Continente Labs app. All they have to do is scan the QR code generated by the app at the store's entrance. Customers can focus entirely on shopping, and when they have finished, they can simply walk out. The payment is made via a debit or credit card linked to the app.


Store of the future

Continente Labs is currently open from 12 pm to 9 pm, six days a week. About six staff members are present in-store to receive goods, restock shelves and ensure the hygiene and safety of operations.


At the moment, Continente has no concrete plans to open additional branches of its concept. Nevertheless, Santos is convinced that this model will be part of the shopping experience of the future. "This solution is the experimental base from which the right solutions will emerge," he emphasised.