Coca-Cola buys French juice brand Tropico

Coca-Cola is taking over French fruit juice manufacturer Tropico, in order to accelerate the diversification of its portfolio: Coca-Cola is looking to become an important player on the market for non-sparkling soft drinks.


Legendary brand in France

After the announcements that Coca-Cola is investigating cannabis cola and releasing its own plant-based milk, the American soda giant is now targeting exotic fruit juices. The corporation will be taking over all activities of French brand Tropico from its mother company Alizé. Tropico has built a name for itself in France, Luxembourg and the francophone part of Belgium. On these markets, the drinks are available in cans and plastic bottles, in the catering and food service industries as well as in mass distribution.


Benelux executive Ben Bijnens is proud of the acquisition: "The successful launch of FuzeTea begins this year and the promising results of our brands Honest (bio drinks) and AdeZ (drinks based on wheats and fruits) are strengthening our resolve to accelerate the strategy of diversification. This acquisition marks a new step in that direction, allowing us to meet the expectations of Belgian and Luxembourgish consumers."


The commercialisation of Tropico in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will gradually be handed over to Coca-Cola European Partners. The possible introduction of the brand beyond French, Belgian and Luxembourgish borders will be looked at over the coming months.