Carrefour tries urban agriculture

Carrefour tries urban agriculture

Carrefour has several projects running in France, all to do with urban agriculture. One such experiment is to grow fruit and vegetables on the roof of its main office in Massy.


200 sqm of the main office’s roof are currently being used to grow fruit and vegetables thanks to an aeroponics system. This helps spray water with nutrients over the plants, but these do not need to be put into the ground to grow. Everything from the roof goes to the office’s employees, while the remaining produce is shipped to a local Carrefour Market.


At another location, in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, Carrefour is growing vegetables and fruit on a very small area and it will also add a garden to a new Carrefour Market on the Boulevard de Charonne (Paris) in 2018. Agripolis is Carrefour’s partner in all three projects. This is not the only garden that Carrefour will cultivate, because it is working on a 6,000 sqm garden in Mérignac, close to one of its hypermarkets.


Villiers-en-Bière also has a 1,200 sqm garden, but this one is mainly for educational purposes, which is why it is a collaboration with the agriculture – horticulture students of Bougainville de Brie-Comte-Robert school.