Carrefour to offer home delivery throughout France

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Carrefour is rolling out two new online services. Within the domestic market of France, the supermarket group will start to offer home deliveries everywhere from 2020 onward. And this year, customers will already be able to pick up their orders within two hours.


Home delivery in 75 cities

A statement to the French unions reveals Carrefour is steadily expanding its online services, according to trade journal LSA Conso. CEO Alexandre Bompard has announced the phased rollout of the services ‘Carrefour Livré Chez Vous’ and ‘Click and Collect’. 

Home delivery was first tested last year from 52 stores, including 23 hypermarkets. The deliveries generated a turnover of 107.3 million euros, Bompard told the employees.


Any city with 10,000 inhabitants

This year, some 42 stores will be added, including 26 hypermarkets this time around. That should make it possible to serve about 45 city regions and 30 cities with medium or smaller populations by the end of 2019. By 2020, home delivery will be available in every French city with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

Earlier on, the supermarket chain announced that specific warehouses are most effective in big cities such as Paris or Lyon, while in more thinly populated areas, online deliveries are best prepared manually within the stores. In the south of Paris, a new distribution centre and several new stores will be opened for the expansion.


‘Click and collect’ within two hours

The service 'click and collect' will be rolled out nation-wide. That service allows customers to pick up non-food items within two hours of ordering them. From July 23rd onward, this will be available in every Carrefour hypermarket that already has a 'drive' – a pick-up point for online food orders. Concretely, 189 French hypermarkets are involved. They will also have to make their actual supplies visible online from now on: available products can be reserved and picked up within two hours.

In 2019, Carrefour is hoping to process some 813,056 online non-food orders, an exponential increase compared to the 29,582 orders in 2018. Next year, Bompard is hoping to pass the milestone of one million orders. By then, some 7,745 items should be available through click and collect.