Carrefour and Provera Belux form purchase alliance

Provera Belux, the purchase alliance behind Cora, Match and louis delhaize in Belgium, is delegating its negotiations with 140 important FMCG producers to Carrefour Belgium. This should provide synergies for all parties involved.


"Second largest purchasing alliance in Belgium"

Carrefour Belgium now has the power to negotiate for approximately 1400 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg: on top of its own 800 stores (hypermarkets, Market, Express and Drive) now come the approximately 600 Belgian and Luxembourg stores affiliated with Provera. The agreement makes Carrefour Belgium the second largest purchasing alliance in Belgium, the press release reports. The agreement covers the 140 most important suppliers, mainly active in fast moving consumer goods.


Both parties aim for scale advantages, says Carrefour spokesperson Baptiste Van Outryve: "Due to the larger volumes we can negotiate better purchase conditions. The alliance also has advantages for the 140 suppliers however: they can access all the chains of both groups with their brands and references and therefore have more opportunities to develop themselves." The cooperation will be solely based around purchasing, which means that Carrefour and the Provera chains will continue to pursue their own commercial policy, each with their own actions and promotions.


The cooperation follows a similar alliance Carrefour and Provera have had in France since the end of 2014. Carrefour has been busy forming alliances in the last few years: there also is a collaboration with Système U in the purchasing alliance 'Envergure'. On the international level, Carrefour also formed an alliance with Tesco.