Belgian organic chain Sequoia celebrates and expands

Foto: Sequoia

Belgian organic chain Sequoia celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with the opening of its eighth store in the Brussels area and the promise of more to come.


Plans in Brussels

The chain was founded in Brussels in 1988, celebrating its anniversary with a discount action on 300 products. Moreover, it has recently opened its eighth store and marketing manager Milena de Halleux saw more opportunities in magazine Bio Info: "Sequoia is like the tree with the same name: growing incessantly but keeping its roots firmly in the ground." New store openings are envisaged, but only in the greater Brussels area.


After helping in making organic products accessible for the public, the chain now focuses on a wider waste-free range. A 'zero waste' corner in Waterloo was a huge success and will be expanded to the other stores as well. Another new focus is a private label called Sequoia 360°, which is a series of local craft products that are processed by people with a psychic disability. "An organic label is not enough any more", spots De Halleux: "there is a huge difference between intensive large-scale bio products and local small-scale produce."