Amazon to start food deliveries for Monoprix

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French supermarket chain Monoprix is now also delivering through Amazon's Prime Now. The orders, only in the North of Paris, are prepared in Monoprix' stores.


6000 more references for Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now has been around in Paris for two years, but can now offer 6000 new products after it struck a deal with Monoprix. Especially in groceries, Amazon's product range was way too small to become successful - with only 1500 SKUs in the beginning. Afterwards Amazon added another 3200 food products. 


With the 6000 new references (of which 1500 are fresh food products), the holes in the range become a lot smaller - but they still can not compare to the 12,000 food items Monoprix offers on its own website. It is therefore only logical that Amazon's next ambition is to expand the range on Prime Now to at least 10,000 items, while the active area of the programme should be expanded to the whole of Paris.


Although the prices for Monoprix products on Amazon Prime Now and on are quite similar, other features could not be more different. The French retailer deals with Amazon orders in its own stores, while orders on its website are relayed to dedicated fulfilment centres (and will be dealt with by Ocado by the end of 2019). An order on the website costs 5 to 8 euro, through Amazon Prime Now the delivery cost is included in the Prime subscription.