Amazon now delivers fresh products to Spain and Italy too

Kristi Blokhin /

Amazon Fresh, Amazon's delivery service for fresh groceries, is on the rise in Europe: the e-commerce giant is now also delivering milk and vegetables to homes in Madrid and Milan.


Emerging markets

Amazon Fresh is expanding in Europe in two new countries: in Spain, residents of Madrid and the surrounding area, and in Italy people from Milan and the neighbouring municipalities, can order their fresh groceries from the online platform. The service has been available before in cities in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.


It is the perfect time for this expansion because, since the Covid-19 outbreak, online food sales have been booming everywhere. This is all the more striking in southern European countries such as Spain and Italy, where the online segment was rather limited before the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, these are burgeoning markets.


In collaboration with local partners

The home delivery service promises same-day delivery and is available to Prime members. For this service, Amazon always works together with local retail partners, who put a selection of their fresh and grocery assortment on the marketplace. Conversely, the retailers can also place some of Amazon's own-brand offerings on the shelves, and the stores often become pick-up points. For example, in Spain, the discounter Día already stocks more than 7,000 Amazon items, according to Fruitnet. For the Italian market, U2 Supermercato is a partner.

By the end of the year, Amazon hopes to be serving customers all over Spain, and this year, in addition to Milan, Rome should be next. Other Italian cities will follow. "We are very pleased to be able to expand our fast delivery service for food, beauty and personal care products and other categories with the launch of Amazon Fresh," said Camille Bur, head of Amazon Fresh in Spain, France and Italy.