Amazon to launch cash-free shops in UK

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Amazon is looking for properties in the United Kingdom to open its first British Amazon Go stores. Amazon's convenience store without cash registers is likely to get its European launch soon.


Small shops scattered nationwide

The American e-commerce giant is looking for a significant number of small retail locations, The Times mentions: according to the newspaper, Amazon is searching for shops all over the country, preferably with a surface area between 370 and 470 sqm. These seem perfect for branches of Amazon Go, the brand name is already patented by e-commerce giant Amazon in the United Kingdom. This fuels the rumours that the e-commerce giant wants to open branches of its high-tech proximity shops in Britain.


Amazon already has six stores of Amazon Go in the United States and recently opened its first non-food store in New York. In the coming years, Amazon wants to accelerate its physical expansion drastically: the goal is having 3000 own cash-free stores by 2021.