Amazon wants 3000 cash-free supermarkets by 2021


Amazon is planning to open 3000 cash-free supermarkets in the following years. This would immediately make the e-commerce giant one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States.


From 4 to 3000 Amazon Go stores

Amazon seems to have a lot of faith in its cash-free supermarket: according to press agency Bloomberg, inside informers claim that the webstore giant intends to be running 3000 Amazon Go outlets by 2021. Not for the first time, Amazon refused to comment on the announcement, but ever since the acquisition of US chain Whole Foods, there is no doubt that Jeff Bezos sees potential in supermarkets. Amazon currently holds just four cash-free outlets: three in its home city of Seattle and one has just opened in Chicago.


Amazon is far from the only party interested in cash-free supermarkets, which use sensors and cameras to register what customers take from the shelves and automatically charge the amount to their Amazon accounts. Zippin opened a register-free supermarket in San Francisco, and already has two (in China and Indonesia). Even Microsoft is working on technologies to make registers unnecessary in supermarkets.