Amazon confirms plans for new supermarket chain

Amazon confirms plans for a new supermarket chain

Amazon has confirmed that it will launch a new supermarket chain, beginning with a Los Angeles store that should open early next year - at the latest. With this new concept, the company is primarily hoping to seduce the average American.


Alternative to Whole Foods

Rumours of a new grocery chain have been circulating for a long time, but Amazon would never confirm them. Until now: a spokesperson for the company has stated that the first store will be located in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles). According to American media, Amazon has already signed lease agreements for several stores in other locations, and is supposedly also in negotiations with shopping centres in major cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia.


Further details about the name and positioning of the chain have not been disclosed, CNET reports. What is certain, however, is that they will be more traditional shops with standard checkouts. Observers expect that the new chain will try to distinguish itself more in terms of price: this will enable Whole Foods, which was acquired by Amazon in 2017, to maintain its position at the top of the market, while the new brand would then reach a more mainstream audience.