Amazon brings its private labels to Europe

Amazon brings its private labels to Europe
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After it introduced Amazon Prime to an increased number of European markets, Amazon is now bringing in its own FMCG private labels. Over the past few weeks, the online department store launched several private label products in Europe and it has plans for even more. 


Amazon expands private label product range

Amazon has sped up its private label development in Europe, according to trade paper Lebensmittel Zeitung. The online retailer already launched a range of new products in several fast-moving consumer good categories over the past few weeks and it will add another seventy-odd products soon. Only Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to buy these products.

Private labels like Mama Bear (baby wipes) and Presto! (paper towels) are already available in Europe’s largest markets, but it will also add several other brands, like products for (uncooled) groceries, babies and animal care. These new Amazon private labels are the company’s attempt to compete with major name brands.

The products are currently mainly targeted for the bulk buyer, because of the large packages, but just like the online giant did in the American market, it will probably not take too long before Amazon can answer any FMCG question with its own private label. For instance, it recently added eight new coffee flavours, all part of the AmazonFresh label. 

Even though it is trying to get as many name brands on it platform as possible, from fashion labels to grocery brands, it is at the same time creating competitors. In the meantime, it is also improving its own grocery service: private labels not only expand the product range, they also currently have a favourable price image with consumers.