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Aldi's major innovation plan approved

Aldi's major innovation plan approved

It may have taken some time and effort, but Aldi Nord’s major remodeling plan has been approved. It will invest 5.2 billion euro to remodel every single store.

30 stores per week

The plan was announced a while back, but was blocked by one single party that still had to give its approval. That has now happened. Over the next few years, every single supermarket will be remodeled into a new formula. It will focus more on a customer-friendly experience, with a wider product range and more fresh food.


It trialed the new formula in a store in the German city of Herten and it will remodel thirty stores per week, starting in the fall. It will first tackle the 2,300 stores in Germany, but Aldi Nord’s other regions (Belgium with 430 stores and the Netherlands with more than 500 stores for instance) will follow soon.


It will be Aldi Nord’s largest investment ever, at 5.2 billion euro.


Its counterpart, Aldi Süd, will also invest 3 billion euro, largely to expand its store network in the United States. 

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