Aldi will launch Chinese web shop

Aldi will launch Chinese web shop

German discounter Aldi wants to conquer China, starting with the launch of a Chinese web shop. This will however mean competing with local giants Alibaba and

Supplies from Australia

The new web shop will be supplied by its Australian subsidiary Aldi Stores. Several of its Australian suppliers have already been informed, giving them time to alter the labels and packaging wherever necessary. 


Not only European specialties for the more affluent Chinese consumer will be included: Aldi wants a complete product range, including local items.


Without help

It is the very first time Aldi moves into a new market without the support of physical stores, but that does not mean it will never open physical stores in China, it added.


It remains to be seen whether Aldi can reach more than 450 million online customers in China all on its own. Several other Western chains have tried, but finally decided to collaborate with Alibaba or, who pretty much dominate the entire Chinese online market together.