Aldi takes cautious online steps

Aldi Sud store with logo
Photo: Nils Versemann /

Aldi Süd is taking its first steps in e-commerce in the United Kingdom: the discounter trials online shopping with click&collect, and is launching a partnership with Deliveroo in several cities.


Test for staff

During the lockdown, Aldi Süd took its very first steps into e-commerce in the UK, with home-delivered boxes containing 22 basic products, and it seems the discounter was pleased with the results. The German chain is now taking the next step and trying out click&collect. For the time being, the trial is very limited, but the retailer is already talking about a quick roll-out if it is a success.

In a branch in the centre of England, the staff can order groceries online for themselves. After ordering, they are given a time slot for collection. The groceries are placed in the car by (other) employees of the store in a contactless manner.


At home within half an hour

The retailer is thinking of expanding the service to other British stores and to customers in the coming weeks, according to Essential Retail. Aldi employees will then prepare the orders in the stores themselves and take them to designated pick-up points on the car parks.

Meanwhile, Aldi is testing another collaboration with Deliveroo: from various shops in the eastern Midlands, London, Cambridge and Manchester, customers can have products delivered to their homes by bicycle couriers. Consumers can choose from a range of over 300 Aldi products, which are delivered within half an hour.