Aldi to employ redundant McDonald’s staff

Gevel met logo van supermarkt Aldi Süd
Joerg Huettenhoelscher /

A remarkable alliance in these remarkable times: Aldi and McDonald's have agreed the discounter can take over staff from restaurants the fastfood chain had to close due to measures to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.


Aldi 'leases' McDonald's employees

German McDonald's staff are allowed to work at Aldi stores, the two multinationals have agreed. While the fastfood chain keeps all its German restaurants closed, the discounter faces extremely busy times in its stores as more customers buy significantly more products.


Aldi will employ McDonald's staff following its own conditions, the German Marbacher Zeitung reports. There is no obligation: the deal involves staff that can not go to work as German McDonald's are closed, but who prefer working to sitting at home. The agreement is valid for a limited period only, and afterwards all those who apply can simply return to the fastfood chain.


"Everyone in Germany should do whatever he or she can to triumph over this crisis. With this agreement, we can help them do this and achieve a win-win situation: our employees can work if they want to, while Aldi finds a lot of extra staff in one go", McDonald's Germany's Holger Beeck told the newspaper.