Albert Heijn pilots delivery service for small families

Albert Heijn van
Photo Albert Heijn - Yasmin Hargreaves

With the new AH Compact app, Albert Heijn specifically targets single and two-person households: the minimum amount is lower, the range is smaller, delivery is free.


Pilot in Haarlem

Albert Heijn launches the AH Compact delivery service to better serve small households: for these consumers, the minimum order amount (currently 50 euros, both in the Netherlands and Belgium) is often too high. That is why the retailer is lowering the minimum amount in the new app to 35 euros, reports Distrifood.

There are, however, some limitations. For example, the available assortment is smaller than in the regular webshop: approximately one quarter of the total online offer, including less large packaging. Moreover, customers can choose from a limited number of delivery times. Delivery is free of charge, whereas it normally costs 5 euros.

For the time being, Albert Heijn is only launching the new app in the Dutch city of Haarlem as a test. If the delivery service is successful, a national rollout may follow.