Albert Heijn launches its own podcast about food

Albert Heijn launches its own podcast about food
Albert Heijn

Supermarket chain Albert Heijn is launching a podcast series in five parts on the origins and production of our food.


Thematic buildup

'Op ons bord' (On our plates) is the title of a new five-part podcast series from Albert Heijn, designed to show us where our food comes from and how it will be produced in the future. In each episode, Justin Verkijk (a radio producer, DJ and presenter from The Hague) will seek out the answers with farmers, growers, manufacturers and experts. "I want to make informed decisions about what I put into my mouth," says Verkijk.

Every episode will focus on a different theme. The first, which will be available on April 11th, is about organic food. "We chose for a journalistic approach that allows us to paint a nuanced picture of the origins as well as the future of our food. Listening to Justin's quest is fun and engrossing for anyone interested in good food," said Fleur Bernhard, director of social media at Albert Heijn.

Albert Heijn has expressed its ambition to make all fresh food chains completely transparent by 2025. "Only then will we know for sure that it's manufactured with respect for man, animal and environment. It's important that our customers can count on that," says Anita Scholte op Reimer, director of quality and sustainability at Albert Heijn.