Ahold - Delhaize merger has been made official

Ahold - Delhaize merger has been made official

The merger between Dutch supermarket company Ahold and its Belgian competitor Delhaize has been made official. The agreement was signed this weekend and both will now continue as one, in the Ahold Delhaize merger company.

New logo

A long journey, which lasted almost a year, has now come to an end. The final step came on Friday, when the American Bureau of Competition gave its approval. The merger agreement was then signed by either CEO, Frans Muller (Delhaize) and Dick de Boer (Ahold), this weekend.


The merger company is a supermarket company with more than 6,500 stores and 375,000 employees. More than 50 million customers visit the chain every year.


Starting today, the Ahold Delhaize share is available on the Amsterdam and Brussels stock exchanges, under the AD ticker. The company will also boast a new logo, a combination of Delhaize's lion and Ahold's crown. However, the logo will only serve as the company logo, which means it will almost never be seen. All of the company's brands will keep their own identity for the time being.