Primark opens its biggest flagship store in Birmingham

Primark opens its biggest flagship store in Birmingham

This week, Primark's biggest store opened in Birmingham. Besides the store's vast size, its integrated customer experience should turn it into a major success.


Biggest outlet

The new Primark Birmingham High Street has five storeys and a total surface of 14,800 sqm. The flagship store employs more than 1,000 people, including 500 new jobs. 430 employees come from Primark New Street and over 100 people work there as chefs, hair stylists and beauty specialists.



Besides offering a wide range of apparel items, shoes and accessories for all audiences, the discount chain also wants to deliver on customer experience and complementary services.There is a Disney Café with an interactive game zone and a restaurant where people can get a quick bite to eat as well as a full meal. In addition, various other services have been integrated, such as a beauty and hair salon.