Dollar Shave Club ready for Europe

Dollar Shave Club ready for Europe

The Dollar Shave Club will arrive on European shores next year. The razor blade subscription service, owned by Unilever, has long since been a success in the United States.

Broader product range

The company, founded in 2011, quickly grabbed a large portion of the market: 20 % of the market’s total volume and 10 % of its turnover flows back to the Dollar Shave Club. Unilever noticed the company’s success and paid 1 billion euro (850 million euro) in 2016 to acquire it. Ever since, Dollar Shave Club has become an independent part of the British-Dutch group.


Originally, Dollar Shave Club only sold razor blades, but has expanded its product range with men-focused skin care products. It will also add tooth care products later this year. “We want to become the easiest location to find everything you use in the bathroom”, CEO and founder Michael Dubin said.


Dollar Shave Club has no plans to place its products in stores yet, because Dubin feels the current formula is needed to provide the customer with sufficient information. “If you sell items in stores, it is very complicated to do the same.”